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Why I'm Running for Congress

Growing up on section 8, waiting in weekly food bank lines, I saw my loved ones and the people in my community suffer. Some still suffer to this day.
Seeing my neighbors facing eviction, struggling to feed their families, and working multiple jobs barely making ends meet, I knew what my calling was.

As we noticed, the only time our elected government officials show compassion is when it’s time to vote. Other than that, most lack empathy and turn the other cheek on our safety and future. We are expendable in their eyes and use us to line their pockets. When its election time, all we see is “Go Vote” or “Vote for Change”, but actually what changes? There is still poverty, redlining, racisim, homelessness, civil rights violations and countless more. 

It is time for that to change! We need to put the power back in the hands of the people!

You have the power to change this and with me running for the 21st Congress, I vow to be transparent, honorable and prove to you a Real change is coming!

Servicing My Community

Why change is important

I listen to my community’s whispers and I hear America’s cries. We must tackle the issues that plague our great city, our great state, and our great country.

Medicare for All

It doesn’t make any sense that Americans are suffering because they cannot afford healthcare.

Gun Control

Gun violence is an epidemic in America. We need better gun control laws now.


The American education system is broken, and it has been for years!

A Change Is Coming in 2022!

Covid-19 Update

The World is almost back to normal

We are almost there! The world is open again. Millions of people are vaccinated and taking more than the necessary precautions. I have to admit, I am a proud future Congressman now. 


Schools are now open, Travelers can explore other countries and working from home is now a necessity and going to work is optional. This pandemic showed us that we can come together and align ourself with a common agreement.

This is the same representation you will have on your side once I hold that Congress seat.

If you need more information on where to go to get tested or more facts for Covid-19, click the button below.