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Meet David

A Texas native, David grew up on the east side of San Antonio. David has one sister, Keshia Lane, a disabled vet who currently lives in Florida.

When David was two years old, his family home was shot up in the Skyline neighborhood. Soon after, his family moved to Dietrich Apartments, where David lived until he was nineteen.

When David was eight years old, his mother had a stroke and became permanently disabled. She lost the ability to talk and walk and was bedridden until she passed away. David Sr. had diabetes, which contributed to multiple toe amputations and he suffered from congestive heart failure.

Servicing My Community

You're invited!

Come celebrate with us

Get to know Texas 35th Congressional District Candidate David Anderson Jr. as he Kicks off his campaign for the 2022 race. 

Hear his story and issues he plans to tackle for the people. Come out and enjoy yourselves at Elsewhere Garden Bar & Kitchen located at 103 E Jones Ave., San Antonio Texas 78215.



The RagTag Band

The Ragtag Band is proud to endorse David L. Anderson Jr. for Congress 2022 for #Tx35 in 2022!


As a proud Texan and an African American, I listen to my community’s whispers and I hear America’s cries. We must tackle the issues that plague our great city, our great state, and our great country.

Medicare for All

It doesn’t make any sense that Americans are suffering because they cannot afford healthcare.

Gun Control

Gun violence is an epidemic in America. We need better gun control laws now.


The American education system is broken, and it has been for years!

A Change Is Coming in 2022!

Many people have asked me what made me want to run, and I tell them I’m doing this for the underdogs, for the people who never get their voice heard. I’m running to show people that you don’t have to be a lawyer or rich to run for office. My campaign will focus on the people because, without the people, I am nothing. Too many incumbents have forgotten they are public servants. We don’t work for them; they work for us. I will fight every day for all my constituents, no matter if you vote for me or not. It’s time to stop the divide in this country; we must have unity because unity will help us build a better future for everyone.


Health is very Important!

This global pandemic has taught us 2 things: Health is Important and Unity is a necessity!

This pandemic has also showed us that we need to be more health and sanitary cautious. It helped educate ourselves on the dangers of viruses and the importance for cures needed to combat these deadly foes. We have seen how many lives lost this past year and we continue to pray for all of the families that suffered and is suffering during this time.

This is why getting screened, tested and vaccinated is important for ourselves and the betterment for society. We have to come together and do our part to help combat this virus and hinder it from continuing to spread. 

If you need more information on where to go to get tested or more facts for Covid-19, click the button below.

Videos from the campaign kickoff