As a Proud Texan and an African American, I listen to my community whispers and hear Americas cries.  We have to tackle these issues that plague our great cities, our great state and our great country.

Medicare for ALL

It doesn’t make any sense that we have people suffering because they cannot afford healthcare

Gun Control

We can bring better gun control laws by eliminating gun sale loopholes


The American education system is broken, and it has been for years!

The Freedom Dividend

I support universal basic income for all Americans 18 and older


No matter a person’s sexual orientation, you deserve to be treated like everyone else

Women's Rights

No woman should be told what she can and cannot do with her body.


They fought for us now; let us fight for them

Immigrant Rights

Immigrants bring diversity to our great country.

Value Added Tax

If (they) want to do business in America, they need to pay into America plain and simple.

Americans with Disabilities

I know from a first-hand experience the trials and tribulations people with disabilities go through daily.

Global Warming

The earth is basically on fire.

Senior Citizens

Social security benefits need to be extended to ensure that our senior citizens and people with disabilities are taken care of for years to come.

Restorative Justice

A house divided against itslef cannot stand.