Meet David

David L. Anderson Jr.

On May 14, 1992, David L. Anderson Jr. was born to David and Debbie Anderson. David’s mother was a teacher; his father worked in the funeral home industry. A Texas native, David grew up on the east side of San Antonio. David has one sister, Keshia Lane, a disabled vet who currently lives in Florida.

When David was two years old, his family home was shot up in the Skyline neighborhood. Soon after, his family moved to Dietrich Apartments, where David lived until he was nineteen.

When David was eight years old, his mother had a stroke and became permanently disabled. She lost the ability to talk and walk and was bedridden until she passed away. David Sr. had diabetes, which contributed to multiple toe amputations and he suffered from congestive heart failure.

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David's Education

David attended Pfeiffer Academy from pre-K through eighth grade. During his time at Pfeiffer, he played basketball for S.J. Davis Middle School and was part of the Pfeiffer ROTC program. David attended high school at
San Houston high school, where he was part of the basketball team, multimedia program, and chaplain of the national honor society.

After high school, David attended Lamar University and Northland College. Currently, David attends Texas State University where he is studying Public Health.

David's Career

To support his family, David left college to seek employment. His work experience includes temp agency jobs, HEB Warehouse, plasma centers, and the Toyota factory. David is no stranger to hard work.

Recently, David was an assistant district manager for Jackson Hewitt Tax service, the 2nd biggest tax company in America. He also worked for Labor On Demand, where he was the Night Staff Manager for the AT&T Center.

David is the Founder, President and CEO of Devine Equality (501c3) Nonprofit, the former Secretary for Titanium Strong Foundation for Polycythemia Research, and former Southern Careers Institute Board of Advisors Member.

David's Political Race

David wants to run because while growing up on section 8, waiting in weekly food bank lines, he saw his loved ones and the people in his community suffer. And some still suffer to this day.
People get evicted daily, they cannot feed their families, and some cannot find a job to provide.

The only time you see your elected government officials is when it is time to vote. Other than that, they do not care about us. They do not care if we live or die. All they care about is are you
registered to vote and if we voted for them. It is time for that to change; we need to put the power back in the hands of the people who feel their voters’ pain and know what they are going through
daily. We need someone in office who will fight for us daily in congress, not just someone who goes along with saying anything just to please everyone. David is the right person right person for the job because he comes from the bottom where he had nothing. And having to fighting daily to get everything he has and stands for now. He will make sure to bring that same passion with him to congress. He will make sure not only my congressional district but also America get
everything we deserve and more. Our elected government officials have been treating us like we
work for them, but in reality, they work for us and it is time to remind them of that.

If David gets elected to congress, he will bring the following issues to congress Medicare for all. The United States is a world superpower and the number one economy globally, it makes no sense that we have the healthcare system that we do now. Gun safety eliminating gun sale loopholes and requiring a universal background check on the sale of guns in America. Stopping the pharmaceutical industry from price-gouging on medicine Americans need. David will back the Green New Deal; climate change is destroying our planet, we need to do something before it is too late.

Equal rights, equal pay, and equal respect for all Americans, regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, and
religion. Make college more affordable and provide student debt relief that everybody deserves a
quality education and not go into a thousand dollars of debt for it.

Raise the national minimum wage to a livable wage. Repeal the Hyde Amendment; no woman should be what she can and
can’t not do with their bodies. Support the Social Security 2100 Act social security benefits need
to be extended to ensure that our senior citizens and people with disabilities are taken care of for years to come. Fully Fund the VA provide quality health and mental health services to all to all veterans. Make sure the Disabilities Education Act is fully funded to ensure children with disabilities get the best education possible. Abolish ICE. Support the Equality Act which would
provide consistent and explicit anti-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people across key
areas of life, including employment, housing, credit, education, public spaces and services,
federally funded programs, and jury service. And work on getting a bill passed that make national citizenship to immigrants a better process.

David's Best Memories

Freedom. Equality. America.

“I’m doing this for the underdogs for the people who never get their voice heard…”