Senior Citizens

I will support the Social Security 2100 Act; social security benefits need to be extended to ensure that our senior citizens and people with disabilities are taken care of for years to come. We often forget about our senior citizens, but one thing I learned during COVID-19, our senior citizens need better health care, transportation services, and laws in place to make sure they live the best life they possibly can. I will fight for senior citizen rights when I get elected to Congress; everyone deserves to live the best life they can no matter what. I will also fight big pharma; the pharmaceutical industry has been price-gouging on medicine Americans need. Most senior citizens are on fixed incomes, but the pharmaceutical companies do not care. I will fight to put an end to big pharma pricegouging on medicine. Therefore, Medicare for All is so important; it will help many senior citizens across America from stressing about medical bills and finally start living life.

David L Anderson Jr. For Congress 2022